Mt. Lebo hosting water polo and SKWIM for kids and adults


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Mt. Lebo hosting water polo and SKWIM for kids and adults

view of Mt. Lebo's new pool

New swim pool is 8 lanes wide and 13-foot in the deep end.

Water Polo and SKWIM moving into Mt. Lebo's new high school pool

Join us at 7:45 pm on Friday, October 12, 2018, as we grow a new tradition of Friday night aquatic game play that includes kids as well as their coaches, guardians, parents, mentors and other adults. This community practice features some swim instruction and lots of fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship and fun competitive aquatic games. 

Water polo is being introduced as well as SKWIM, a game that is played with fins and without contact. Come by and check it out. 

First day, no charge. Later, expect to have a drop in fee, perhaps $5 per person. And, we'll also have an RSVP system in the weeks to come to capture names for our in-house games. 

MeetUp to RSVP and to share with others:

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Show up at Mt. Lebanon's pool in ...


Tip: The indoor swim pool is directly behind the main school building. Park in the big parking lot to the side of the school.

Sessions are held on Friday evenings when there is not a home football game.

Friends in #Pittsburgh, especially #Lebo and south hills, great new family activity starting on Fridays, kids and guardians. Check out SKWIM & Water Polo.

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Learn more about SKWIM:

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