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The Lob Shot

Lob Shots

Not sure about when. The goalie in the above video wasn't that far out, and that lob had to thread such a narrow path that it had to be absolutely perfect to go in.

Is that really when to lob? It seems like faking the shot nearside moved the goalie just enough to lob far-side, but that there was no pre-existing aspect of the situation that invited a lob.

The shooter did not have time or space to improve angle.

The goalie was moving hard near side as a result of a very good dry pass. Off hand side for right arm shooter, so it takes touch. But when executed well, the goalie has no chance.

He lobbed because the goalie left the short side wide open as a bait. As you'd expect with a righty on the "wrong" wing, the defense wants him to take the shot. They're giving him time and space and the goalie's almost printing a formal invite for him to take a shot at the short corner. But, this leaves the goalie with only one option: to move quickly to close the gap at the short post when the shot comes.

The moment the shooter, Gocic, picks up the ball, he realizes this and takes advantage of the goalie being committed. Once the goalie moves toward the post there's no way he can stabilize and step back to reach a lob.

The offense use the goalie's movement momentum against himself. 

The shot looked like a last-second decision, but apparently it was planned by the shooter to work out that way, because he knew that near-side angle was goalie's responsibility. Very smart!

Fast arm action sold the near side. He didn't drop his elbow nor telegraph the lob to come. He did sell near side at the start of his shooting motion. This was a really skilled shot, almost a spin lob from the wrong side.

Opportunity in NY at Fordham

November 17, 2018, Fordham

Event Schedule

Saturday, November 17, 2018

  • check
    8:30 Clinic Registration Opens
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    9:00-11:00 Water Polo Clinic
  • check
    11:15-12:15 High School All-Star Game
  • check
    1:30-7:30 Semi-finals of the CWPA Mid Atlantic Championship

Sunday, November 18, 2018

  • check
    9:00-2:00 Final round of the CWPA Mid Atlantic Championship

Athletes Receive

  • check
    CWPA Souvenir Mug
  • check
    CWPA Championship Program
  • check
    Four tickets to the CWPA Championship
  • check
    CWPA and AWP Decals
  • check
    Picture with Olympian, Brad Schumacher

American Water Polo and the Collegiate Water Polo Association are sponsoring a clinic on November 17, 2018 during the Men’s Mid Atlantic Championship. The clinic will take place at Fordham University from 9 AM to 11 AM and will feature Olympian Brad Schumacher.

Immediately after the clinic there will be a high school all-star game, followed by the second round of the Mid Atlantic Championship, involving the some of the top teams in the country.

We are offering an opportunity for your athletes to participate in the clinic at a group rate. Normal price is $65 and the discounted rate if a team registers three or more athletes is $50/athlete. Price includes four tickets to the collegiate competition, a picture with Brad Schumacher, and a souvenir mug ($180 value). This is a great chance for your athletes to meet an Olympian, watch high quality collegiate water polo, and enjoy a great clinic.

If you are interested in this opportunity, simply complete the registration form below and send it in with your check before October 29, or you can call the office and pay by credit card.

Online Registration and Clinic page.

American Water Polo
129 West 4th St
Bridgeport, PA 19405
610 277 6787

Chartiers Valley - top of logo

Tuesdays, water polo and SKWIM at Chartiers Valley

Update: No water polo practice at 7:30 pm on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6. School is closed. See you the following week.

However, a possible day-time water polo game is being scheduled, we hope, for another venue on the same day, Tuesday, November 6. 

Join in: 7:30 to 9 pm on Tuesdays

First practice was Tuesday, October 2, 2018. Gather every Tuesday, (except election day). Come out and support the program to Thanksgiving. Then we'll see how the schedule stacks up with the high school swim schedules and adjust as needed.

Arrive and be ready to meet and then swim at 7:30 pm as we need to be out of the locker-rooms by 9 pm.

Drop ins okay and the first visit(s) are without any charge as a try-out. A modest fee structure is to be posted soon.

RSVP: Let us know your attending.

Swim pools are across the hall from the main gym

Beware of construction at the site. Plenty of free parking near the football field on the side of the building. Enter the school hallway near the football field and walk to the school gym, and the swim pool is on the other side of the hall.

Go to Chartiers Valley, 7:30 pm Tuesdays, to swim, play SKWIM and get ready for water polo games with other teams and the masters squad. Join us! #Pittsburgh #waterpolo

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Learn more about SKWIM:

Mt. L logo

Mt. Lebo hosting water polo and SKWIM for kids and adults

view of Mt. Lebo's new pool

New swim pool is 8 lanes wide and 13-foot in the deep end.

Water Polo and SKWIM moving into Mt. Lebo's new high school pool

Join us at 7:45 pm on Friday, October 12, 2018, as we grow a new tradition of Friday night aquatic game play that includes kids as well as their coaches, guardians, parents, mentors and other adults. This community practice features some swim instruction and lots of fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship and fun competitive aquatic games. 

Water polo is being introduced as well as SKWIM, a game that is played with fins and without contact. Come by and check it out. 

First day, no charge. Later, expect to have a drop in fee, perhaps $5 per person. And, we'll also have an RSVP system in the weeks to come to capture names for our in-house games. 

MeetUp to RSVP and to share with others:

MLAC logo

MLAC logo

Show up at Mt. Lebanon's pool in ...


Tip: The indoor swim pool is directly behind the main school building. Park in the big parking lot to the side of the school.

Sessions are held on Friday evenings when there is not a home football game.

Friends in #Pittsburgh, especially #Lebo and south hills, great new family activity starting on Fridays, kids and guardians. Check out SKWIM & Water Polo.

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Learn more about SKWIM:

Heja, an app that can handle RSVPs

We are using a new app, Heja, for our team communication and activity planning. Click the link, download the app & join Water Polo, Pittsburgh Combined now!

Code is GUZJ

This is for Pittsburgh Combined Water Polo.

Cost is $0.

Tournament options for 2018 PA Middle School Water Polo

schedule of games by weeks

Schedule for the 2018 Pennsylvania MS water polo season

Wilson hosts the CHAMPIONSHIP on October 28, 2018

Pittsburgh Combined needs to send a team to that tournament.

Game & Tournament Format

Tournaments, always held on Sundays, start no earlier than noon (unless necessary for rental), and end no later than 6:30pm.

Win/Loss/Tie records will be kept for the purpose of championship tournament seeding.

Each game will consist of 2 x 12:00 halves, running time. Games will be played every 30 minutes.

Each team receives unlimited substitution time-outs without clock stoppage (just let the official know).

Full pool games will be run on a 50-minute schedule and run the same way as high school games.

We will be scheduling select sites and weekends where we offer that opportunity for teams/athletes to play “full pool”.

Full Pool site dates will be offered for the 7th & 8th grade division. All 5th & 6th grade teams will play in half pool locations.

Athletes can play up in a division but may not play down.

In order for a team to be classified as Co-Ed, the gender must be split as 40% female and 60% male. In the event a team does not fulfill the gender requirement they will play in the boys division. We want to ensure that co-ed teams are truly co-ed so as to not have situations where a team is predominately boys with possibly 1 girl added. We had situations this past fall and again this spring where this was a problem.

A Championship seeding committee will be selected to finalize the championship schedule.

Host Sites will be responsible for the following:

  • Game Schedule
  • Collecting Fees from each team
  • Officials (please refer to the official section when scheduling)
  • Site costs- staffing, custodial, etc.

Admission charges for spectators

A host site MAY choose ONE play date to charge admission. You will be responsible for notifying ALL visiting teams if you plan to charge admission into your venue. It is recommended you only charge for adults and the maximum amount of $5.00.

Post Game Reporting

Reporting games scores to Wilson Aquatic Director, Erin Kurtz gooeri -at- share.wilsonsd -dot- org by the Wednesday after tournament play concludes.


Payments should be communicated to all participating teams by the host site. The host site will be directly responsible for billing all participating teams.


Each host site will be responsible for scheduling adult officials. No high school students will be permitted to officiate middle school games. You may use a portion of the site fees collected to pay officials. The designated pay rate for officials is $20.00 (per ½ pool game) and $40.00 (per full pool game).


Each school/club team will pay a $150 fee for their first team and a $75 fee for each additional team to the host school. This fee increase was put in place to assist host sites with covering costs, including officiating costs.

Sportsmanship Statement

In this league, the emphasis is on developing an appreciation of the sport…a sport that the athlete really enjoys playing. We want every athlete – regardless of ability – to enjoy their time playing in this league, in hopes that they will continue to play at the high school level. In order to ensure everyone has a positive experience, we ask all of our coaches practice good sportsmanship:

  • Avoid running up the score or beating a team by more than 10 goals. Remember scores will be reported.
  • Discourage over-aggressive play when competing against a weaker team/opponent.
  • Demonstrate respect for other coaches, athletes, parents, officials, and administrators.

Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Coaches/teams found violating the sportsmanship statement will be given an official warning. Upon the second violation, the team will be removed from competition for the remainder of the season.

Teams in the league in 2018

  • Cumberland Valley Water Polo
  • Governor Mifflin Water Polo
  • Hazleton Water Polo
  • Lions Water Polo
  • Maverick Water Polo
  • North Allegheny Water Polo (Tiger Aquatics)
  • North Penn Water Polo
  • Perk Valley Water Polo
  • Pittsburgh Combined*
  • Upper Dublin Water Polo
  • Upper Perk Water Polo
  • Wilson Water Polo