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Tournament options for 2018 PA Middle School Water Polo

schedule of games by weeks

Schedule for the 2018 Pennsylvania MS water polo season

Wilson hosts the CHAMPIONSHIP on October 28, 2018

Pittsburgh Combined needs to send a team to that tournament.

Game & Tournament Format

Tournaments, always held on Sundays, start no earlier than noon (unless necessary for rental), and end no later than 6:30pm.

Win/Loss/Tie records will be kept for the purpose of championship tournament seeding.

Each game will consist of 2 x 12:00 halves, running time. Games will be played every 30 minutes.

Each team receives unlimited substitution time-outs without clock stoppage (just let the official know).

Full pool games will be run on a 50-minute schedule and run the same way as high school games.

We will be scheduling select sites and weekends where we offer that opportunity for teams/athletes to play “full pool”.

Full Pool site dates will be offered for the 7th & 8th grade division. All 5th & 6th grade teams will play in half pool locations.

Athletes can play up in a division but may not play down.

In order for a team to be classified as Co-Ed, the gender must be split as 40% female and 60% male. In the event a team does not fulfill the gender requirement they will play in the boys division. We want to ensure that co-ed teams are truly co-ed so as to not have situations where a team is predominately boys with possibly 1 girl added. We had situations this past fall and again this spring where this was a problem.

A Championship seeding committee will be selected to finalize the championship schedule.

Host Sites will be responsible for the following:

  • Game Schedule
  • Collecting Fees from each team
  • Officials (please refer to the official section when scheduling)
  • Site costs- staffing, custodial, etc.

Admission charges for spectators

A host site MAY choose ONE play date to charge admission. You will be responsible for notifying ALL visiting teams if you plan to charge admission into your venue. It is recommended you only charge for adults and the maximum amount of $5.00.

Post Game Reporting

Reporting games scores to Wilson Aquatic Director, Erin Kurtz gooeri -at- share.wilsonsd -dot- org by the Wednesday after tournament play concludes.


Payments should be communicated to all participating teams by the host site. The host site will be directly responsible for billing all participating teams.


Each host site will be responsible for scheduling adult officials. No high school students will be permitted to officiate middle school games. You may use a portion of the site fees collected to pay officials. The designated pay rate for officials is $20.00 (per ½ pool game) and $40.00 (per full pool game).


Each school/club team will pay a $150 fee for their first team and a $75 fee for each additional team to the host school. This fee increase was put in place to assist host sites with covering costs, including officiating costs.

Sportsmanship Statement

In this league, the emphasis is on developing an appreciation of the sport…a sport that the athlete really enjoys playing. We want every athlete – regardless of ability – to enjoy their time playing in this league, in hopes that they will continue to play at the high school level. In order to ensure everyone has a positive experience, we ask all of our coaches practice good sportsmanship:

  • Avoid running up the score or beating a team by more than 10 goals. Remember scores will be reported.
  • Discourage over-aggressive play when competing against a weaker team/opponent.
  • Demonstrate respect for other coaches, athletes, parents, officials, and administrators.

Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Coaches/teams found violating the sportsmanship statement will be given an official warning. Upon the second violation, the team will be removed from competition for the remainder of the season.

Teams in the league in 2018

  • Cumberland Valley Water Polo
  • Governor Mifflin Water Polo
  • Hazleton Water Polo
  • Lions Water Polo
  • Maverick Water Polo
  • North Allegheny Water Polo (Tiger Aquatics)
  • North Penn Water Polo
  • Perk Valley Water Polo
  • Pittsburgh Combined*
  • Upper Dublin Water Polo
  • Upper Perk Water Polo
  • Wilson Water Polo

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